How Do I Know My Details Are Safe?

When you click on the Log In link in the top right of the page you can see that the web address in your browser changes from http to https (click on the 'My Settings' link if you have already logged in). This means that the page is secure and protected by 128bit encryption. The encryption we utilise is supplied by a company called Comodo (www.comodo.com). You can see their logo at the bottom right hand corner of each page. Click it to view our security information.

How Do I Know My Payment Details Are Secure?

During the entire checkout procedure you will notice that the web address in your browser begins with https and is therefore protected by the same 128bit encryption as explained previously. This is the strongest encryption currently available to non-military applications. Our payment processors, PayPal and Worldpay also utilise 128bit encryption to ensure any details, include payment card information, is secure.

How Do I Know Egyptian Dreams Is Legitimate?

GlobalSign, the company that issue our secure certificate and encryption capability, ensure stringent checks are performed to verify the legitimacy of companies before they issue security certificates. Please check their web site for more details (www.globalsign.com).

Also, check our forum at http://www.forum.egyptiandreams.co.uk. You will notice that this has been running since June 2003.We have not just sprung up overnight!

Check the reviews on our web site (http://www.egyptiandreams.co.uk/reviews.php). These are genuine reviews from genuine customers.

Pick up the phone and call us! Our telephone number is +44 (0)1244 671771 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri). You will note this is not a mobile phone number. We are not running Egyptian Dreams from the back of a van somewhere!

Can I Order Via Post or Fax?

Do not send us an order through the post or via fax without first having placed your order online or via telephone. We will not process your order and any payment sent via post will only be returned once you send us a stamped self-addresses envelope.

Can I Visit Your Shop?

No. We are currently an Internet only business and do not have a physical address you can visit. The address listed below is our administration address only and does not actually hold any stock. All of our UK stock is held in our warehouse.

Do You Have A Printed Catalogue?

No. We are regularly updating our stock so a printed catalogue would be out of date almost the moment it is printed. Please do not email us asking for a printed catalogue - we will just delete your email.

What Currency Do You Accept?

We are able to accept payment in UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

To see the prices in one of those currencies use the currency selection box on the right hand side of the page (just below the shopping basket).

For currencies other than UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros try using a currency conversion site. We recommend http://www.xe.com

What Is The Shipping Amount?

When you click on an Add To Basket button you are taken to the shopping basket page. At that page there is a box showing the available shipping options (if any) and a drop down box containing all of the countries to which we can ship orders. Select your country from the list and click on the Recalculate link to view the shipping cost for the items currently in the basket.

My Country Isn't Listed - Can You Make An Exception And Let Me Order?

I'm sorry, if your country isn't listed then we can't ship any order to that country. No exceptions will be made.

How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

Please read our Postage and Returns page. We use the Royal Mail and DHL for dispatching our orders which means delivery times are beyond our control. Please visit the Royal Mail website (http://www.royalmail.co.uk) for delivery estimates for the services offered.

Can I Pay Extra To Have My Order Delivered Quicker?

The delivery options are displayed on the Shopping Basket page (when you have items in your basket) and at the Shipping Options page during checkout. These are the only options available. Please do not email us asking for different services than those shown.

Do You Sell Wholesale?

No. We are a retail only site.

The Item I Want Is Showing As Out Of Stock. Will You Get More?

We receive new stock from Egypt on a regular basis. Keep checking back from time to time and the item will eventually be back in stock.

If there is a question you would like to ask that has not already been answered here please Contact Us.
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