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Kevin Roxburgh, Founder and owner of Egyptian DreamsEgyptian Dreams was conceived by Kevin Roxburgh in November 2002 and went 'live' on the Internet in February 2003.

Egyptian Dreams was created for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Kevin has had a love of ancient Egyptian mythology for a number of years. Having given up his job as a software engineer and web developer Kevin wanted to pursue a different direction and decided that providing products relating to his interest was the best option.

Secondly, virtually nowhere within the United Kingdom, either on the high street or via the Internet, sold anything relating to ancient Egypt. There are plenty of general African shops but none really dedicated to ancient Egypt. For anyone wanting to purchase products relating to ancient Egypt they had to either actually make sure they bought everything they required while on holiday in Egypt or purchase from web sites in the United States and pay extortionate shipping charges.

So, with both of these things in mind, Egyptian Dreams was born and has been successfully trading on the Internet ever since. In fact Egyptian Dreams has been such a success that customers from the United States regularly purchase from us instead of shops within their own country! (We have also shipped orders to places such as Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, most of Western Europe, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Brazil and Argentina)

Initially selling a few papyrus paintings and statues, in June 2003, just four months after going 'live', Egyptian Dreams received an order from Pinewood Studios for over 40,000 sheets of plain papyrus for use in the movie Alexander, starring Colin Farrell. The entire profit from this sale was used to increase stock levels and product lines to create the Egyptian Dreams you see today. Since then we have also supplied products to the BBC, National Geographic, Channel 4's You Are What You Eat programme, Channel 4's Big Brother 7, and Channel 4's Paul O'Grady Show. Our products have also been featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine and The News Of The World Sunday magazine, amongst others.

Egyptian Dreams strives to be the best online shop by providing excellent products at a reasonable price, and all delivered directly to your door as soon as is humanly possible. In most cases, orders are dispatched the day of ordering and are delivered the following morning (read our reviews if you don't believe us - these are genuine reviews by genuine customers of Egyptian Dreams!)

We are very proud that our customers have been pleased with their products and our service and continue to come back and place further orders, time and again.

If you have any questions regarding Egyptian Dreams and our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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