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Egyptian Art Papyrus Painting

About 350 meters from Cheops's pyramid stands the Great Sphinx, known in Arabic as Abu el-hol, which means "Father of terror".

With the body of a lion and the head of a king, the Great Sphinx at Giza was believed to have been built in 2500 BC. However there is evidence of rain-induced weathering. If the weathering is indeed caused by rain, it would mean that the Sphinx has been in existence since North Africa had a wet climate - more than 12,000 years ago!

Most Egyptologists regard the Sphinx as a portrait of the king Khafre, carved from an outcrop of rock that remained after the quarrying og limestone for the interior of the Great Pyramid.

The Great Sphinx measures 66 feet high and over 240 feet long. The face of the Sphinx rises 13 feet with the eyes being 6 feet high. Part of the nose and beard are now missing, but the beard can still be seen in the British Museum.

Egyptian Art at its best!

Approximate Size : 60cm x 40cm (24 inches x 16 inches)

All of our papyrus paintings are hand painted in Egypt on to genuine Egyptian papyrus and are of the highest quality.
Supplied without frame.

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