Nefertiti - 60cm x 40cm


Egyptian Art Papyrus Painting

Famed throughout the ancient world for her outstanding beauty, queen Nefertiti remains one of the most well known of the queens of Egypt. Nefertiti was the Wife of Akhenaten during the Eighteenth Dynasty. She bore Akhenaten 6 daughters and no sons, and shared a near co-rulership with the king. Fifteen years after her appointment to the position of Queen of Memphis, Nefertiti mysteriously disappeared. Egyptologists have assumed that this was either due to banishment or her death. However, little evidence suggests that she actually died. Similarly, speculation exists as to whether she was the obscure pharaoh Neferneferuaten.

The available evidence suggests that she was not an Egyptian, a striking departure, for the Egyptian Royal House which, to keep the line pure and to follow the example of Isis and Osiris, usually married the princes and the princesses to each other.

Approximate Size : 60cm x 40cm (24 inches x 16 inches)

All of our papyrus paintings are hand painted in Egypt on to genuine Egyptian papyrus and are of the highest quality.
Supplied without frame.

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