Mummification - 40cm x 30cm


Egyptian Art Papyrus Painting

This beautifully decorated papyrus shows priests mummifying the body of the pharaoh.

Embalmers used salts to remove moisture from the body. Once dried, mummies were ritualistically anointed with oils and perfumes. The emptied body was then covered in natron, to speed up the process of dehydration and prevent decomposition. It was then wrapped with strips of white linen to protect the body from being damaged. After that, they were wrapped in a sheet of canvas to further protect them. Many sacred charms and amulets were placed in and around the mummy and the wrappings. This was intended to protect the mummy from harm and to give good luck to the Ka of the mummy. Once preserved, they were lain to rest in a sarcophagus inside a tomb, where it was believed that the mummy would rest eternally.

Approximate Size : 40cm x 30cm (16 inches x 12 inches)

All of our papyrus paintings are hand painted in Egypt on to genuine Egyptian papyrus and are of the highest quality.
Supplied without frame.

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