Gods and Goddesses - 80cm x 30cm


Egyptian Art Papyrus Painting

This beautifully detailed array of Egyptian gods and goddess has a wonderful range of scenes going on all at once.

In the centre is the King holding the crook and flail and wearing a bull's tail. Horus and Anubis are adorning him. Horus, on the right, is wearing the double crown of Kingship and is the protector of the reigning King. Anubis, on the left, is related to death and mummification, and so he ensures one for the afterlife.

The two figures on the left of the papyrus are Sobek and Hathor. Hathor, the female goddess of love and music, is offering Sobek the menet necklace. This is a necklace that balanced in the front and back and so stood for the Maat, goddess of order, balance and justice. Sobek, the crocodile god, was connected with the sun god Re.

On the far right the two figures are Anuket and Isis. Anuket, seated on the throne, is the goddess of Aswan and the daughter of Re, the sun god. Isis is adorning her with lotus flowers, which symbolize resurrection and rebirth. She is also holding a sistrum, a musical instrument that you shake like a rattle.

Egyptian Art at its best!

Approximate Size : 80cm x 30cm (31 inches x 12 inches)

All of our papyrus paintings are hand painted in Egypt on to genuine Egyptian papyrus and are of the highest quality.
Supplied without frame.

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